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The only primary color that is considered part of the “cool” family, blue is reminiscent of nature and is thought to promote intelligence, serenity, and loyalty. It can make you feel calm and soothed, which is ideal when creating a peaceful home environment.Wood symbolizes growth. Add wood furniture, natural fabrics, plants, and trees.

Project Highlights

  • Living Room

    This contemporary living room design with plush interiors has minimal decor and subtle colors, giving the space a sense of calm and elegeance. This design is ideal for the home of a young and modern couple. Wall trims add character to the otherwise minimal space.

  • Bedroom

    A master bedroom is, as the name implies, the main bedroom in a house, the one that is occupied by the heads of a household. In the case of a family of four, this would be the bedroom meant for the parents.

  • Kitchen

    Membrane kitchens are made up of imported high quality membranes which are scratch,water and termite resistant which makes it completly durable as per the requirement of Indian kitchens.

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