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Panchshill Towers

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Walk-in Closet


Living Room, Dinning And Kitchen

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Every room reflects the person's tastes and conveys their story. Despite its small size, we designed a home with a high level of aesthetics and utility. It's an interesting fact that all of the furniture is created in-house.

Project Highlights

  • Living Room

    The apartment opens to a formal living area with beige and white tones.This area has a spotless, sophisticated,and timeless apperance.Adding a marble finish to the walls sharpens the whole room and adds a regal and grandeur touch.

  • Daughters Room

    With an immense symmetric artform on the back, a tufted pink headboard, soft fabrics, gilded accents, and a combination of pink,white, and golden accessories, the room provides an ethereal spin on a conventional pink girls room. The huge windows in the room let in plenty of natural light. The attention of the room is drawn by the curtains and a modern, tastefully in house made table at the side. Overall, the area has a delicate, refined, yet royal atmosphere

  • Sons Room

    Boys bedroom has a beautiful appearance with its polished oak floors and flush inside lighting. By incorporating bookshelves around the perimeter of the boy

  • Master Bedroom

    The Master bedroom is drenched in shades grey and blue tones and has warm oak flooring. With incorporated brass and wooden details, the master bedroom appears to be a discreet yet comfortable atmosphere. The room is dominated by blue and grey tones. The furniture is elegant and light, with the tufted headboard taking center stage.

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