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Wed • 29 Dec, 2021

Hibernating in Style

A new season has arrived, bringing with it the opportunity to brighten up your house. This winter, the important combination is warmth, comfort, and nature-inspired design. Bringing nature indoors is a concept that will never go out of style.

Tue • 23 Nov, 2021

All about Kitchen's

The coronavirus lockdowns have thrown thousands of previously uninterested people into a bread-baking craze. The kitchen has evolved into a communal room, and modern living spaces often combine dining, relaxing, and cooking areas.

Thu • 18 Nov, 2021


We all want our house to have a friendly environment where we wish to return to. So, what makes some homes feel cozy while others don't? It is because every space has its energy. However, if you get basic design fundamentals right, you can channel this energy in the best possible way.

Fri • 12 Nov, 2021

Healing Power of Interior Design

Even if you haven't tried it, you're probably familiar with the concept of meditation in the morning, a quick yoga sesh after work, and aromatherapy before bed. The year's hottest topic is practicing wellness and self-care.

Fri • 29 Oct, 2021

Tell your story through Interior Design

Let's start this with a quote from a famous American Interior Designer - Nate Berkus, he says "Your Home should tell the story of who you are, and be a Collection of what you Love." We all will agree with his saying. Eventually, interior design is not just about keeping up with the jones', impressing friends and family.

Tue • 26 Oct, 2021


Wall decoration and protection are an important part of interior design. Painted walls are history. Wall cladding acts as a shield for your house walls and also enhances a space. It's a type of wall covering material. A process of layering one material over another. It can also be termed siding. It can be done in exterior as well as interiors. It helps in increasing the service life of the structure and also provides value to the building.

Tue • 12 Oct, 2021


Decorating for the festivals is often a fun tradition in every household. It holds a separate place in our hearts. Home decor has a golden rule which states- Live with what you love. This festive season let's explore our love for interiors. Festive season calls for an ultra- festive makeover.

Fri • 08 Oct, 2021


Do you know poetry and design are interconnected? To your surprise, they are. There's a term called poetic design which many of you aren't familiar with. Poetic design is nothing but a design process that responds to our familiarity with existing things, forming a deep yet subtle emotional and philosophical connection that is so valuable.

Thu • 30 Sep, 2021


The right choice of materials in each space is the key in Interior Design. Not all materials fit well in any room. And yet materials act as the Heart of Interior Design. It's really important to know about the core materials of Interior Design. The knowledge of materials allows the designer to make the right choices in terms of material selection as a function and also to limit the constraints in a design.

Mon • 13 Sep, 2021

Revamping Vintage Interiors

What comes to our mind when we think of 'vintage'? Anything that is now obsolete and of past, which is not a part of our modern lifestyle. Right! You aren't alone to think this way. But let's decode this term. Earlier people used to build their houses with mix & match with the available materials and yet created warm and loving spaces.

Fri • 03 Sep, 2021

Green Interiors ruling everywhere

Creating an experience stirring the user's senses has been a vital attempt and focus for all interior designers. Providing the greatest possible user experience is all about understanding them. One of the biggest interior design trends that are creating a buzz everywhere is that some consumers and designers are taking greater responsibility towards the environment.

Fri • 13 Aug, 2021

Spaces make you smile - Sense of humour in design

When we build our home there are many questions which come to our mind like how will we decorate the rooms? How to plan the interiors? Trust me, it happens with everyone and indeed it's a task. We have often heard that happiness usually makes a great first impression, so why not design spaces which provide the basic utility but also give the required humour or the booster that is missing in our chaotic lives.

Tue • 27 Jul, 2021

Trends or Personal taste - how to balance?

World has been hit by a pandemic which has completely revolutionized our day to day lives. A well established society has been suddenly turned upside down: work and school activities, travel and leisure opportunities were overwhelmed because of this sudden force. In a mixture of merged practical needs and ornamental aspects, we are witnessing a resurgence of our living spaces that are redesigning our houses. It's kind of a tug of war between needs and desire for novelty.

Tue • 06 Jul, 2021

How to get the best out of your Virtual Consultation

Thinking about meeting with an interior designer for a long time? How much will my home interior cost? What will the process be like? Will it be a waste of money? These are some of the questions we know people have before calling a designer.

Fri • 02 Jul, 2021

All about Online Consultation

Whether you're moving to a new home or just need to spruce up a room, using an interior designer can help you create a picture-perfect space. The problem: It's time consuming and can cost you loads (on top of everything you have to buy), so it's not ideal for most people.

Tue • 29 Jun, 2021


We all are going through some arduous times which have made us witness situations which we never thought would arise. It has made our lives upside down in every way, but especially how we live in our homes; the space which we have taken for granted for a very long time.

Tue • 22 Jun, 2021


A house is a space where we feel the safest. It is our home, our comfort zone, our sanctuary. The space you live in says a lot about you and is an expression of your personality. It reflects on who you are, what you do and how you live.

Fri • 18 Jun, 2021

Five best Indoor plants

From cleaner air to creative decor bringing home plants comes with many benefits, here are some Five best indoor plants which are hard to kill and easy to care, perfect for a new plant parent.

Fri • 11 Jun, 2021

Decor Ideas to brighten up your monsoon

Monsoon is the best time to sit lazily by the window, with a cup of coffee and watch the raindrops fall. It is also the perfect time to brighten up your home! Here are few ideas to brighten up your monsoon and keep your spirits high!

Tue • 08 Jun, 2021

DIY - Indoor Plant Care

With less or hardly no accessibility to the outside world, the need to bring greens inside has increased. People have started nurturing and creating terrace gardens, decorating their indoor space with plants. Use of plants in the interiors as a decor accessory is seen extensively. It's one of the top trends of interior designing for the year 2021!!

Fri • 04 Jun, 2021


Designing a tiny bedroom from scratch or redecorating it, there are a few essentials that need to be thought through so as to maximise your space. Bedroom is essentially the place of relaxation and hence the priority should be on comfort and the feel good factor. It's a place to zone out from the rest of the world. The right pieces of furniture and decor will help you transform a dull bedroom into a classy private sleep away! Here are a few small bedroom design tips to maximise your space

Tue • 01 Jun, 2021

CALCULATING BUDGET: An Important First Step For Your Dream Home Interiors

"What is your Budget?" This is one question that all interior designers ask you and sometimes even begin with when you approach them for interior design of your home. After you buy a home, how much should you budget for the interiors of your home? Renovating, redecorating, or even just staging a home to sell it can be an expensive undertaking.

Fri • 28 May, 2021

British Colonial Era: At your home

The British provincial time in India crossed more than three centuries, beginning from the year 1615, when the East India Company procured its first piece of an area in Bombay, through the 1857 revolt and the takeover by the British Crown in 1858, till the year 1947, when India acquired autonomy. During this period, the British developed and raised sublime public structures and private homes in significant Indian urban communities and at slope stations what worked as their late spring retreat.

Tue • 25 May, 2021

Top 3 Interior Design Trends in 2021

Trends are usually inspired by culture and the current events. With the current scenario there is a lot of change and a shift in how people perceive interior designing. Who would have known that we would spend most of our time indoors? Last year Pandemic changed our dynamics with indoor spaces and still continues to impact the way we live and work. This has definitely affected the interior design ecosystem with functionality over aesthetics. So, here are the top trends of interior designing 2021.

Fri • 21 May, 2021

Elements of Interior Design : And how to use them

Creativity and Aesthetics, is what comes to mind when we first think about interior design. But only a few know about the science that is used behind the designing of your space. The elements of interior design are this scientific knowledge that is used by an interior designer for a good design.

Sat • 01 May, 2021

Design Your Space! Why??

Suppose you are late to meet your long-lost friend who you've been out of touch for almost years. And then he finally invites you to his place, his home. You hustle through the roads, but you don't miss the small lanes leading to the not so good-looking apartment. You park your car and while walking through the lobby and taking the elevator up, you cannot help but assume to be welcomed in a plain-looking flat. In your mind, you have already created the image of the place you would be entering.

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