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The owners of this 800 sq. ft. 2BHK apartment in Pune wanted aesthetic, functional and cost-effective interiors. We identified a clear liking for circular forms and arches integrated with modern style interiors, preferably without any wooden finishes throughout the design. Keeping in mind all the requirements of the client, we opted for a style transitioning from modern to contemporary. The colour trio of blue, grey and white was chosen for this home.

Project Highlights

  • Living Room

    The overall theme of 'The Transitional Trio' prevails in this well designed living room. The accent wall features circular niches with focus lights on the decor items making the entire wall a highlight. Next to it, is a simple Puja unit adding a divine aura to the space.

  • Balcony

    The balcony with a super comfortable seating and plenty of greens is a perfect place to relax after a long day. The otherwise neutral colour palette is infused with warmer browns for flooring and ceiling

  • Lobby

    In the entrance lobby a modern style shoe rack doubles up as a console unit. Spiral hanging lights and a mirror panelling on the wall accentuates the space.

  • Kitchen

    The kitchen has a L shaped countertop and plenty of modular units to provide sufficient storage and to ensure optimum utilisation of space. The quartz countertop and black acrylic shutters look refined and homogeneous with the theme. Mosaic tiles with different patterns in the dado area enhance the look of the entire kitchen.

  • Master Bedroom

    The master bedroom of this 2BHK, encompasses a huge wardrobe with navy blue duco finish shutters along with open shelves on the side to display artefacts. The queen size bed with a fabric headboard against the marble finish panelling looks luxurious.

  • Kids Bedroom

    This playful bedroom beautifully explores form, colour and scale. The cerulean blue headboard becomes a focal point which is complemented by the storage with arch shaped niches.

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