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Keshav Nagar,Mundhawa

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Living Room


Puja Unit



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The motive has been to create modern and minimal spaces along with the traditional requirements of the client taken into consideration. keeping the elements simple and uncluttered, we have created a design that looks classy and sophisticated.

Project Highlights

  • TV Unit

    A traditional living room style is one that is timeless. Painted in neutral colors with characterful furnishing and soft textiles,I think the main key in designing a more traditional living room is the use of color, pattern and elegant shapes.

  • Puja Unit

    A pooja room is a unique divine element in the Indian homes which is often reflective of deep emotional and aspirational attachments.

  • Kitchen

    The kitchen is usually a room or designated area in a dwelling that is used for the storage and preparation of food and drinks. Many different methods of cooking exist across the country, and the structure and the materials used in constructing kitchens have varied depending on the region. Indian kitchens are built on an Indian architectural science called vastushastra.

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