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Pastel colors can be easily created by adding luminance to any pure color. Just like with pure colors, pastels interact the same when it comes to creating color harmonies: complementary, analogous, and monochromatic.A pastel color is defined as any hue with a high value (lightness) and low to medium saturation (the purity or intensity of the color). That is in fact a pretty wide breadth, meaning more colors are technically pastels than you might have thought

Project Highlights

  • Living Room

    When it comes to pastel colors, they have a high brightness value but a low saturation, meaning they contain less gray than other colors. Since pastel colors are less saturated, they are often associated with calming and peaceful vibes. Pastel colors have a soft look that is soothing and easier on the eyes.

  • Kitchen

    The kitchen is a great place to add some colour and pastel shades might just turn out to be just what you’re looking for. Pastel shades and colour combinations uplift the kitchen décor without being overpowering. They pair perfectly with a multitude of materials and patterns and impart a timeless aesthetic.

  • Master Bedroom

    A principal bedroom in a house or apartment, usually the largest, typically occupied by the person or persons who head the household.

  • Kids Bedroom

    They study, play, perform activities and even catch up with their little friends in their rooms. It is wise to design their bedrooms, in such a way that the design lasts for at least a couple of their growing years.

  • Guest Bedroom

    Room layout is very important for providing comfortable and convenient stay for guest. Rooms are the core product of the hotel and highly perishable product.

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