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Situated Near IT Hub Of Pune, Balewadi

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Bed Rooms


Meditation Room


Living - Dining, Kitchen And More

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The project had one full and one-half flat, one above the other, in Balewadi which was to be made into a duplex. We have designed the staircase accordingly for the same. The client, in the brief, had suggested for pastel colours. The master's bedroom is being re-made with a walk-in-closet and a Jacuzzi. The living and the kitchen was personally designed with providing appropriate partitions and walk-in spaces.

Project Highlights

  • Bookshelf

    Customized according to the client specifications that match the color of the living sofa.

  • Kitchen

    Use of fresh and uncommon colors in the kitchen with back painted glass instead of tiles.

  • Balcony

    Green wall + Staircase custom made.

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Situated Near IT Hub Of Pune, Balewadi


Balewadi, Pune

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