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Sai Subhash,Lane No 1,Koregoan Park

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Conference Room & Receiption


Office Space,Cubicals,Pantry,Locker Room

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The Morden, minimalistic with the hint of industrial concept office which is situated in situated in Koregaon park,pune. The office consists of multiple workspace, pantry, conference room, storage unit and parking. The use of natural elements, ergonomic furniture, colour palette are considered to increase employees engagement and boost productivity.

Project Highlights

  • Common Office

    Creativity and productivity thrives when employees are comfortable in their space. Keeping in mind the ergonomically design chair and table is provided. Huge wall Mirror and high ceilings creates the illusions of a bigger space. The black metal fabrication combined with grey colour palette enhances the Morden aesthetics. A table with the planter box is an interesting element.

  • Cubicals

    The cubicles are considered to give employees a privacy. Instead of wall, Glass panel partitions has been provided. The Metal fabrication and grey colour palette has been used to show the similarity of the designs. Natural elements like Planter box has been incorporated, providing pop of colour and improves air quality and to mimic the feel of an outdoor setting.

  • Conference Room

    Conference room is one of the most important space in an office. The simple ceiling design with wooden finish, exposed brick wall with glass partition.the Morden epoxy table adds charm to the space.

  • Receiption

    Reception areas, or waiting areas, are spaces in an office or public setting where visitors are first met and greeted.

  • Sir Cabin

    The luxurious design of the office with Marble and wooden veneer theme looks Royal. The open shelves unit with large enormous Marble in the Middle surrounded with veneer and golden patti is the highlight of the space. The comfortable beige/ grey upholstered cushioned chair, the marble table top with inlayed golden patti adds effortless elegance to the decor.

  • Maam Cabin

    Styled with a combination of shade of white,pink and touch of gold works in harmony with the rest of the design.The box, fluted panel on the one wall and another with arches is the focal point of the room. The furniture are well planned to match the rooms motifs.

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